Diagnostic and Home Healthcare

POCT (Point of Care Biomedical Pvt Ltd), Ahmedabad, Gujarat (India) is an ideal example of Quality, Reliability, Integrity & Innovation.

POCT is the sister concern of PROACTIVE HEALTH INC, since inception in year 2007 the PROACTIVE HEALTH INC has accumulated a spectacular 12 years of experience. Unravelling from its modest and humble beginnings to a full-fledged complete medical device supply and manufacturing company, it now prides itself as a holistic incorporation of Sales & Distribution of Medical & Healthcare devices supplies.

POCT exhibits qualities of an experienced entity in upholding incredible relations with its esteemed clients & partners. It has achieved its accreditation as a trusted supplier amongst its clientele and partners all throughout its extensive connections. Therefore, this has yielded its efforts in forging ahead towards developing enhanced partnerships with companies worldwide.

POCT happens to be a one stop solution for surgical, diagnostic equipment and instruments in the medical industry with its focus to bring world class smart medical technologies for doctors, laboratories and end users.

Mr Vikrant Pancholi, our Founder & CEO - a vision based entrepreneur with zeal to bring the sophisticated lifesaving Diagnostic gadgets to the Doctors, Laboratory, Pharma industry and end user giving them timely and accurate outcome at the most convenient possible way at your door step.

POCT is focused on bringing and developing innovative products in the field of diagnostic and home healthcare. It has in house technical team of biomedical engineers to innovative and develop easy to use medical equipment in the field of diagnostic and home healthcare. You can be assured of the promise in obtaining the greatest value at reasonable prices, regardless of the varying complexities each of your individual product renders.


  • To be a leader in the field of advanced medical technology.
  • We strive to provide the best human healthcare products with our appetite for integrity and honesty.
  • To bring most modern and sophisticated clinical diagnostic devices to every door step in Indian Sub-continent & beyond.
  • To meet and exceed our client’s expectations for the supply and support of our quality products and services.
  • Our strength stands to be our Products, Stakeholders and employees which makes us most promising and growing organization in its verticals.
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